Financial Planning

Living your life by design requires a plan of action that will lead to pursuing your objectives. Our team will design a personalized plan to help you pursue your financial dreams. Your advisor will provide regular reviews to assure that your plan is continuously up-to-date.

Our team has worked with thousands of clients and is experienced in addressing these areas of focus:

  1. Life Transitions
  2. Business Transitions
  3. Generational Transfers

Focused Planning

For Individuals

Our team also offers complementary focused planning, which includes:

  1. Determine Your Family Index Number: Given your unique situation, this is the rate of return your investments need to achieve over the long-term to help you remain on track toward the objectives of your plan.
  2. Cash-Flow Planning: Focused on your current needs to identify how you can pursue your specific goals and objectives.
  3. Risk Management: Analysis of potential risks in your life, and how to use disability, long-term care and other risk management solutions.
  4. Maximizing Social Security: A review of each Social Security option available and your plan to leverage.

For Businesses

You should know what your business is worth… do you? What about a succession plan in case something unanticipated should happen? What will happen to your business when you are ready to retire? Your advisor is here to help you address these important considerations. Contact us to schedule a meeting with an advisor to begin the focused planning process.

Through your comprehensive wealth plan, we’ll help you identify and pursue your goals. Remember, we have retired over a thousand times so you can retire once… successfully.