Kayla Rush


Client Services Specialist

(423) 247-8840

Kayla Kayla has been at GAAM since June 2015, coming from a Job as Financial Aid Director for 7 years. She grew up in Florida and Moved to TN in 1980 and fell in love with it.

Kayla has spent over 20 Years, working in client services, doing what she can to help others, either through financial aspects, customer service or teaching. It has always been Kayla’s goal in some aspect to make a difference in people’s lives.

Kayla has 2 children, Sarah and Matthew, and a grandson Braiden. In her spare time she Plays pool, and enjoys anything outdoors.

Getting to know Kayla

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite book: The Bible

Favorite quote: Live your life like someone is watching, because the only one who matters always is…

Favorite movie: Pay it Forward

Favorite TV show: Chopped / Criminal Minds

Favorite Holiday: Mother’s Day, My kids always spend the day fishing with me.

If I could meet anyone past or present, it would be: Moses

Hidden Talent/skills: Sewing, crocheting, woodworking

Name something on your bucket list: Seeing the Pyramids